Coyle Free Library’s Next Chapter Has Started

Coyle Free Library is back home at 102 N. Main St, Chambersburg PA.  Check out our beautifully renovated building by taking the virtual tour below.  We are still fundraising for the project so please visit Coyle Free Library’s Campaign Page to find out more about the capital campaign.


  1. My last experience at the Coyle Free Library was phenomenal. The customer service skills displayed were very professional and I obtained assistance as needed. Thanks to the fine team of staff and Manager!

  2. I just tried to go to his temporary location today. The Library moved to the corner of 2nd St and *GRANT* St, not Broad. Although Grant and Broad are close to each other, as a person from out of town, I had a difficult time finding it looking near Broad.

    1. I am sorry you had difficulty finding our temporary location. The temporary location of the library is between Grant St and Broad St along N 2nd St.

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