Computer & Internet Use Policy

Franklin County Library System provides public access computers and Internet service to area residents to meet the cultural, informational, and recreational resource needs of our constantly changing communities.  Internet resources contain a wide variety of materials from varied points of view, including explicit and controversial items. Not all resources on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. Users need to be good information consumers, questioning the validity and usefulness of resources found. Franklin County Library System is not responsible for any loss of data or damages, direct or indirect, arising from use of Internet services.

Franklin County Library System is not responsible for controlling access to sites, which often change on a daily basis. Each library customer is responsible for the sites that he or she reaches. Parents of minor children assume the responsibility for their children’s Internet use in the library. By law, our internet access is equipped with a content-filtering system. This filtering system is not foolproof in filtering out potentially objectionable materials. Staff also may be required to suspend the filtering on specific computers for limited time periods according to individual patrons research needs.

**Please see FCLS Laptop Policy for laptop checkout and further information.

1. Always carry a library card or other I.D. A library card is required to use public access computers or laptops.  Guest patrons from out of town may show a government-issued photo I.D. to receive access to computers, and/or laptops.
2. Libraries may turn off Internet computers 15 minutes before closing. This time is necessary for library
shutdown procedures.
3. Respect the rights of other library patrons. Respect others’ privacy, work quietly, and avoid viewing illegal or explicit materials. Since computer space may be limited, please be courteous when people need to move behind and around your workstation.
4. Be responsible regarding the use of sensitive personal information, financial and credit card information, and passwords while using public computers. The library is not responsible for any personal information disclosed on the internet or while using any computers and printers in the library.
5. Please observe time limits. The length of Internet sessions in Franklin County Library System facilities vary, so check with library staff for time limits. The library reserves the right to terminate any Internet session at any time.
6. Respect all copyright laws.
7. Download or print useful information as long as it can be completed during your Internet session. There is a small fee for printing and for thumb drives.
8. Notify a staff member immediately if you find offensive materials on your assigned computer. Staff will help you correct the situation.
9. Users may not break into another computer system, or disrupt or interfere with network users, services or equipment.
10. Be responsible for your children’s Internet use. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and should use designated computers. Youth between the ages of 10 and 16 may use designated computers on their own if a parent or legal guardian comes to the library and signs a permission slip for them. Teens 17 and older and carrying identification are treated as adults for registration purposes.
11. The library expressly prohibits viewing any explicit or pornographic websites, or images with library owned equipment, or personal devices, on library property.  In addition to the stated restrictions, and in accordance with the Neighborhood Children’s Internet Protection Act (minors are individuals under age 18),  all users must adhere to the following regulations:
a) Minors are not permitted to view inappropriate matter on the Internet.
b) Minors are not allowed to engage in unauthorized access (including hacking) or any other unlawful activities on the Internet.
c) Minors are prohibited from unauthorized disclosure of personal identification information of themselves or other minors on the Internet. All users are prohibited from unauthorized disclosure, use of, or dissemination of personal identification information regarding minors on the Internet.
d) All users must abide by measures designed to restrict minors’ access to materials harmful to them on the Internet.
e) To ensure the safety and security of minors, staff members may prohibit a minor from using email, social media, instant messaging, or other forms of direct electronic communications on our network.

First offense violations will result in termination of the current Internet session and a ban from library
computers for the rest of the day at all locations. With presentation of policy, a second offense violation will result in a three-month suspension from all Franklin County Library System computers. For renewal of access to library Internet use the offender must provide valid photo ID, indicate understanding of Internet and Customer Behavior policies in writing, and sign an agreement with Franklin County Library System to adhere to these policies. A third offense will result in permanent banning of the offender from all library system computers with the potential of a suspension from all library services and properties. Serious offenses may result in stronger measures.

You may not always be able to locate the sites or information you want on the Internet. You may be limited by:
a) The number of Internet visitors on library and other host computers, b) certain sites may be limited to a special group of users by licensing or other means, c) a site may have moved or closed down, d) Internet access may be limited by connectivity issues within the library or other issues beyond the library’s control

Any patron under the age of 10 MUST have a responsible adult at their side to monitor proper use of the
Internet workstation. The library will not allow patrons under the age of ten to use the Internet without
Patrons from ages 10 to 16 must have a parent sign the Parental Permission For Use of Internet Computer
Policy Form in person at the library.
I fully understand that there may be materials on the Internet that I may find objectionable for a variety of reasons. I also understand that the library cannot be responsible for protecting my children from materials that I find objectionable.
I acknowledge that setting guidelines for appropriate use is my responsibility as a parent. However, the library does reserve the right to end an Internet session at any time. The library expects all Internet patrons to respect the rights of other patrons to not be exposed to explicit materials.
I hereby grant permission for my child, ____________________________, who is age _____, to use the
Internet workstation at the library. Also, by signing this form, I certify that I have read and understand the Franklin County Library System Internet Use Policy.

I understand that to terminate my permission, I must contact the library in person.
Parent or Guardian Name (printed): _________________________________________________________
Parent or Guardian Signature: ____________________________________________________________
Date: _________________________________________________________________________________
Name of Child: _________________________________________________________________________
Birth Date of Child: _____________________________________________________________________
Telephone Number: ______________________________________________________________________
Staff Initials: _________________ Date Completed: ___________________________________________

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