Mission Statement

The mission of Franklin County Library System is to improve the lives of residents of the region through access to materials, information, and services imparting the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of others.

This action will take place through qualified staff members, resources in many formats, technology, and partnerships with other local agencies.

Vision Statement

The Franklin County Library System strives to be a leader and initiator of programs and services that encourage the community’s outreach for self-enrichment and increased knowledge for quality of life, stimulating individual and community involvement. Through collections, outreach programs, technology, and leadership abilities the library system will…

  • Expand the library’s image as a keystone of democracy and informed citizenship through unbiased information and political views.
  • Evolve into the leading information source for rapidly changing rural and urban populations.
  • Become a leader in “free” public educational and cultural programs and services for residents of all ages.
  • Solidify the library system’s approach towards becoming a vital source for individual and community development.
  • Facilitate a positive atmosphere for learning in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for persons of all ages, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds.


Franklin County Library System will develop a master facilities plan that supports community library services of the future.

Franklin County Library System will develop and implement a plan that defines and delivers the technology needed by its patrons to enrich their lives and empowers employees to serve its patrons.

Franklin County Library System will refocus its resources and adult programming on responding to community needs, advancing the PA Forward Literacies, and enabling patrons to optimize the power of accessible information to pursue their interests.

Franklin County Library System will develop, compensate, reward, and recognize its employees as it builds a flexible team capable of meeting the evolving needs of the system.

Franklin County Library System will implement a comprehensive, coordinated, and pervasive development process that provides its libraries with the funding needed to sustain its mission and operations for future generations.

Franklin County Library System Board of Directors

President: David S. Keller
Vice-President: Gloria Guba
Secretary: Frances Herrity
Treasurer: Donald Squire

County Commissioner Appointed:
Pat Groff
Gloria Guba
Frances Herrity
David S. Keller
Mark Orndorf
Leitha Rountree
Ann Schnabel
Nikki Shew
Donald Squires

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