About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create learning opportunities that lead to personal discovery,
growth, and enjoyment.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to nurture an innovative culture that leads Franklin County residents
in the pursuit of learning for both personal and community growth by upholding
our Core Values, which are:

  • Culture of Discovery – We believe that learning is a constant state of discovery and leads
    to the formation of new ideas and concepts that better our world.
  • Relevancy – We believe in remaining relevant to the community we serve with a readiness
    to evolve and change, just as the community does.
  • Quality – We believe in providing exceptional, quality service to our patrons with staff who
    are encouraged to grow and develop as leaders in their field.
  • Inclusion – We believe learning is a freedom that is to be shared with all individuals and
    helps us develop understanding and acceptance of our peers.
  • Community Impact – We believe in making a lasting impression on those around us by
    forming connections that spur change and build community.
  • Hospitality – We believe in treating our patrons as our guests, creating an experience that is
    engaging and comfortable.
  • Sustainability – We believe in doing our part to be effective stewards of the resources
    entrusted to us, knowing that the choices we make affect the future of our community.

Franklin County Library System Board of Directors

President: David S. Keller
Vice-President: Gloria Guba
Secretary: Ronald Keener
Treasurer: Mark Orndorf

County Commissioner Appointed:
Gloria Guba
Frances Herrity
Ronald Keener
David S. Keller
Peggy McCleary
Mark Orndorf
Ann Schnabel
Susanne Sponseller